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More about Terri Coutts

Among her many talents and attributes Terri Coutts is a Predictive Astrologer and a Dog Trainer. 


She is also a Master Communicator. A Grandmother.  Nature lover.  Independent businesswoman.  And much more.

Her focus has always been on a holistic approach using the body, mind and spirit.  She sees the inner beauty in humans and animals.  And she advocates that a positive mix of belief, sound diet, exercise and energy work ultimately leads to better health and happiness.


Terri is constantly continuing her quest for self-improvement and growth by taking courses and studying the behaviour of people and dogs.  This includes dedication to her 2 home-based businesses, Insights with Terri Coutts and K-9 Korral.  

Somehow she has found time to study metaphysics for over 25 years, earn high level certification in Therapeutic Touch, learn about acupuncture, complete a course in reflexology and conduct seminars on Holistic Healing, Stress Management and Energy Work.  She received a Certificate of Achievement from The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County and she volunteers with Amherstburg’s Miracle League.  She has also provided Grief Counselling through Windsor Victim Services.

Terri’s life is extremely busy, including carving out time to care for her own ever-expanding cluster of dogs, cats, birds and chickens.  However she is quick to point out that over time her life has become simpler, happier and much more effortless.  Things are much clearer in terms of how one event might connect to another. 

Terri has also learned from the energy received from her Guides how to accept and receive Love, the strongest force in the Universe.

Terri’s words of advice to others are:  You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a  life you are excited about. Don’t let others make you forget that!

Contact Terri at 519-726-6699 or

john b

John B. is Terri’s in-studio companion during her weekly radio show: “Insights with Terri Coutts.” 


He conducts research, introduces callers and injects humour while generally (and gently!) keeping the show flowing. 

You’ll quickly warm to his humour, curiosity and words of wisdom.  And you’ll understand why he and Terri have been friends for many years.

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