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topics of discussion


topics of discussion

Predictive Astrologer Terri Coutts interprets cycles and potential future events through methods using the placement of the planets and celestial bodies of our solar system.


She won’t tell clients specifically what their life direction or action should be, but rather describes what kind of energies the proper action should take to achieve personal and spiritual growth.  

Here are some common topics and services she assists her clients with:

 Predictive Astrology:


The basic psychological pattern with which we begin life is revealed in the Birth Horoscope. It gives the positions of the planets at the exact time and place of our birth.

As we age, planets change their positions in the Zodiac, moving into new relationships with each other and these changing relationships have an impact on our lives.

Predictive Astrology can help you make better decisions, teach you how to understand your own reactions, the reactions of others, and show you how to handle crises.



Any relationship can last if the two people involved want it to and are willing to work at it. This pertains to relationships with family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, etc.


No relationship is totally self-sustaining nor can one person hold a relationship together single-handedly for an extended period of time.

Before you can determine the most effective course of action to fix any relationship you need to examine what is really wrong. If you were to decide to end it without having all the facts you may just be repeating the same mistake over and over again.

Sometimes you may try to convince your partner to work on eliminating annoying characteristics. This isn't always possible if it involves behaviour that is basic to their personality.  When another person is in the picture, your actions are more limited because you have to consider the needs and desires of that person as well as your own.

Holistic Counselling: 


Holistic Astrological Counselling involves working with issues such as authority figures, emotional inhibition and feeling over responsible.  These are issues that can be resolved through personal development. 


The aim of the counselling is to address not just physical symptoms but also underlying causes and concerns.  The goal is sustained long term growth of the whole person by reducing the likelihood of the symptoms reappearing.


Break free from destructive behaviours and enjoy a new and improved state of mental, spiritual and physical health.

Children and Teenagers:


It is very common for children to get caught in the crossfire of their parents' disagreements.  Psychological drama negatively influences a child's healthy development.

With little power to speak out for themselves, children’s needs are too often left to an interpretation of what their parents want for them.

Family crises can come in many forms but they can be handled in creative and positive ways.

By examining crisis situations together, retrospectively or currently, we can search for the empowerment that will allow children to emerge as whole persons.

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