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preparing for a reading


preparing for a personal reading

It’s important for you to properly prepare for a Private Reading with Terri either in person or over the phone.  An open mind will enhance the experience for you and for Terri and lead to maximum benefits. 


Relax, wear comfortable clothing, clear your immediate space from distractions, pour a glass of water.  And be on time. 


Here are additional tips directly from Terri to help you prepare for your reading:


Patience - Allow me to tell you what I am picking up from your aura, what you need to know. Be patient and I will get to the matters that are of concern to you  

Be Positive - It is important for you to keep an open mind. Healthy skepticism is encouraged. I will give you the best information that I can. Listen with your heart. Allow the information to support self-understanding.

Guidance - The true value of a reading is not always measured in prophecy. Prediction is possible, but we all have the free will to make changes. A good reading reflects the philosophy of right living and the continuity of life. This is not "fortune telling".

Recording – A recording of your Personal Reading represents a map that will help you find your way. You will have a better understand of your reading by listening to it again from time to time.  Please note you can choose to not to have your Personal Reading recorded.

Questions – Oh yes, you’ll have questions during your Personal Reading and I will ask for them at select times.  Please hold your questions until prompted to share.

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