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dog training services


dog training services

All training at K-9 Korral builds on your dog's good behavior with positive reinforcement. Learn to communicate effectively with your dog by understanding their body language.

The goal is to stop or minimize difficult behaviors such as excessive barking, fear aggression, resource guarding, jumping on people, not listening, distracted behavior and difficulties socializing with other dogs and people.

Private or group lessons are available in your home or at Terri’s farm.  Check the Coming Events section for dates and locations of Terri’s group dog training sessions.  For more details please contact Terri at 519-726-6699 or

Learn about various Dog Training sessions Terri has prepared and put together content you can use specifically with your dog

Other Dog Training Services include:

obedience classes

Obedience classes focus not just on training but on behavior modification.  We can help you teach your dog to come when called, walk on a loose leash, sit, down, stay and focus on you and not distractions.

performance classes

Performance classes include instruction in Agility, Flyball, Barrel Racing and Frisbee.  Do it just for fun or get ready for competition.

Agility teaches the dog self-discipline and trust, to focus and tune out other distractions, consider you in a working partnership and to follow your lead and commands. Plus, it is great exercise for both dog and handler. Kids love being involved too.


The Agility Course on Terri’s farm is like a circus for dogs!  The dog and handler negotiate a series of obstacles together including bar jumps, tire jump, teeter totter, pause table, tunnels, dog walk and an A-frame.


Performance Classes are available for all breeds and ages of dogs at both Beginner and Advanced levels.   

dancing with your dog

Put some cha-cha-cha into your chow-chow-chow.  This course trains your dog in dance routines put to music. It’s fantastic exercise for you and your dog! Please contact Terri or check her Coming Events for class dates and times.  


This course is structured with weight loss in mind for both dog and handler. It offers ideas on diet and exercise designed to get you and your pooch in better shape.

massage and energy work

You and your dog bond through mind, body and spirit. Terri will work in conjunction with you and your Veterinarian to help ease pain and encourage healing from injury. You will be taught how to detect soreness and become more proactive in total body health care for your dog.  Learn how to do massage and energy work on your dog in your own home so you can take an active role in their healing process and in keeping them healthy.

property rental

Get a group of people and dogs together and spend time on Terri’s 43 acre property in Essex, Ontario.  Book as much time as you want and go on a Trees, Trail and Water walk, try out the Agility Course and look around the farm.  If you prefer, come without your dogs and count how many birds, turtles, deer and other critters you see.  The property is isolated so you won’t have to worry about other dogs, cars or people.  A great idea for birthday parties, family reunions, sports teams and corporate events.

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