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terri's dog training cds

Terri Coutts’ Obedience Training and Behaviour Modification techniques are based on positive reinforcement. She has created a series of training modules that you can use on any size, age or breed of dog.

Mix and match the training modules to create customized content that addresses the issues that are most important for you and your dog.   You can even request a training subject that does not appear here and Terri will create the content for you.   All content will be e-mailed directly to you.

• 1 hour of training modules       $15.00

• 2 hours of training modules      $20.00

• Prices are in Canadian Funds

• Payment available by e-transfer or PayPal


Place your order by contacting 519-726-6699 or

Dog Training Audio Titles

Basic Introduction to Canine Thinking

20 minutes long

There is a lot of misinformation out there. Dogs and people do not think alike. This training lesson will help you understand your dog's way of thinking and communicating. 

Canine Thinking

Name Response, Focus, Luring

13 minutes long

You may be giving your dog the incorrect messages and the result may be that your dog ignores its name. The name response section will help you train your dog to respond to his name with enthusiasm. The focus section will help you teach your dog to ignore distractions and focus on you, the handler. The luring section gives you valuable training guidance on getting your dog into the correct position for handling and training.

Name Response

Sit, Down, Stay

9 minutes long

Learn how to train your dog to properly sit, down and stay on your command.

Sit Down Stay

Beginners Heeling &
Beginners Coming When Called

Anchor 1

14 minutes long

A game to reinforce good recall skills. You will learn the basics of teaching your dog to walk without pulling.

advanced Heeling,

advanced Coming When Called

Anchor 2

16 minutes long

Is your leash arm longer from all the pulling your dog does when you go for a walk together? Learn how to teach your dog better positioning without pulling on you. This training lesson will also assist you in helping your dog achieve better recall skills.

How to Properly Meet New People and Dogs

Anchor 3

19 minutes long

This training topic shows you how to prevent dog aggression, people aggression or fear in your dog while walking with you. You will learn how to modify these undesirable behaviours.


Anchor 4

10 minutes long

Tricks create a good environment for learning and give your dog something to do that pleases you. And your friends will be impressed that you have taught your dog to shake a paw, do circles and figure eights, wave, high five and roll over.

Crate Training, Car Training

10 minutes long

Does your dog put up a huge fuss when you want to put it in its crate? Is your dog nervous or ill-behaved when you take it for a ride in the car? This training lesson will show you how to get your dog to enjoy and look forward to its crate and the car ride!

Anchor 5

staying QUIET

13 minutes long

Tired of listening to your puppy barking? This training topic focuses on developing proper behaviour in your puppy. You will learn how to teach your pup to be quiet and to stop barking.

Anchor 6


8 minutes long

Does your dog use you as a chew bar? Then this lesson is for you. You will learn how to get your dog to stop this unwanted behaviour.


Anchor 7


8 minutes long

Learn how to teach your dog respect and space.


Lack of Bladder Control

23 minutes long

Some dogs lose bladder control when excited. In this lesson learn why this happens and how to stop or minimize it.

Anchor 8
Anchor 9


20 minutes long

Does your dog need to be housebroken? This training topic provides a short summary of tips to help you housebreak your dog/pup.

Anchor 10


23 minutes long

Learn how to make your dog love being groomed. This training module also includes grooming tips to manage shedding.

Anchor 11

nail clipping

24 minutes long

Learn how to clip your dog's nails and how to help your dog be a willing participant so you can achieve positive results.

Anchor 12

blind dog

35 minutes long

You have just been told your dog is blind or going blind. This training module will give you tools to work optimistically and positively toward good management.


Anchor 13

Clicker Training for Blind Dog

17 minutes long

Coming when called is very important for this situation. This training module will help you get a handle on obedience for your blind dog using a clicker.


Weight Control and Obesity

60 minutes long plus bonus 12 minutes on Diet foods.
Total 72 minutes.

Proper nutrition and exercise are important to the well-being of your dog. In this training lesson you will learn how to improve the quality of your pet's life in fun and easy steps.


Anchor 14
Anchor 15

respect and aggression

Anchor 16

51 minutes

Respect and aggression are linked. Learn how to get the best behavior from your dog while increasing its respect for you.


separation anxiety

31 minutes

This training lesson will help you to understand the mechanics of separation anxiety. You will learn how to positively work with the situation to come to a place that you and your dog can both agree on!


Anchor 17

car training

18 minutes

Learn how to help your canine to love the car and respect it.


Anchor 18

working with your senior dog

25 minutes

This training topic shows you what you need to know to keep your aging dog happy and healthy.


Anchor 19

more training modules coming soon!

Place your order by contacting Terri at 519-726-6699 or

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