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walk and talk



Terri’s idyllic rural property in Essex, Ontario includes her home, plenty of space for her dogs, a barn with an ever-changing number and type of animals, a dog agility training area and 10 acres of forested walking trails. 

Join Terri for a private or group “Walk and Talk” through the bush and along the creek.  She’ll share her Insights on life and have an open conversation about pretty much anything and everything.

The fresh air and exercise will help clear your mind, assist in decision making or give you new perspective on a situation you’re facing in life.

By request, Terri will also discuss the basics of astrological signs and planets.

A “Walk and Talk” can be booked (with or without canine companions) virtually anytime, weather permitting.  Call 519-726-6699  for more details, or e-mail

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