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coming events


coming events

Terri Coutts is always active doing seminars, tutorials and training in the community including appearances at pet stores, veterinarian offices and dog shows.  They’re great learning opportunities for you, your family and your furry kids!


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Here is additional information on K-9 Korral’s Dog Training services.  Please contact Terri for available dates, times and registration information:  519-726-6699 or

supervised play

Let your dogs play in a fenced-in area learning sits, downs, stays and heeling.  Then go for a walk together, the whole time keeping the focus on manners and impulse control.  Single and multi-week sessions available.

Introduction to Agility, Barrel Racing, Frisbee

Who will burn off more energy; you or your dog?   Learn manageable equipment and handling skills including navigating jumps, tunnels and chutes, frisbee and dancing with your dog to music. We will be teaching manageable equipment and handling skills for your dog.  Multi-week course.  Daytime classes available on request. Private lessons are also available.

Agility Classes

Bring the whole family to Terri’s farm and let your dog run through tunnels, scamper up the teeter totter, do the weave, jump hurdles, run over the A-Frame and race around the barrels. Multi-week course.  If you miss some nights, roll them over to the next session. 

Basic Obedience Training

Includes socialization, impulse control, heeling without pulling, coming when called and commands like sit, stay and down.  Multi-week course. 

Intermediate Obedience Training

Running concurrently with the Basic Obedience Training, these classes will focus on sharpening your skills with more advanced concepts and tricks, including advanced healing, off leash, longer stays, higher distractions and social time for your dog.  Multi-week course.

Dog Speak

Learn how to ‘talk dog‘!  Get a better understanding of what your dog is communicating to you and what you are saying to your dog . Strengthen your bond using better communication skills and understanding. Involves some trick training too.  Bring the whole family!

Dancing With Your Dog

Learn basic moves to music while challenging your dog in a fun and relaxed manner.  Instruction includes heeling on both sides, weaves, bow, side pass, circles, linear movements, recalls, pivots, spins, marching and more.  Drop-ins are welcome. 

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