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Are you wondering "What is the Pink Light Patrol?" In a nutshell, it is simply an exploration of ways in which we can all make a difference, both on an individual basis and collectively.

You may have heard Terri mention how she often envelops herself, other people, or situations in pink light. The result is always beneficial in some way.

Metaphysically, the colour pink is a secondary colour associated with the heart chakra. It is a vibration that is calming and compassionate. It is a gentle, healing vibration of unconditional love best summed up in the phrase universal kindness.

Using pink light is not difficult but don't let the simplicity of it mislead you into thinking that it is ineffective. Quiet your mind and imagine the person or circumstance to which you wish to give pink light. It is okay if you don't "see" the scene very clearly... visualization is more about your intent than your ability to form vivid images.

Be creative. For example, instead of always wrapping the subject in pink light, sometimes you might want to imagine sending the person a gift or letter containing pink light. Imagine them opening the gift/letter and receiving the healing pink light.
Also, resist the temptation to dictate HOW it must be helpful. For example, if you are sending energy to help with an illness, don't demand that the person be "cured". Rather, expect "healing". These are not the same thing. Healing does not always express itself as a "cure." We cannot know what is the best outcome for someone on their personal journey. But the Universe knows and will always use healing energy in beneficial ways.

Most importantly, after you have sent the pink light, let everything go. KNOW that the recipient of your gift has already benefited. Don't look for proof. Looking for proof is an indication that you do not quite believe it will work. KNOW that it works.

The Pink Light Patrol is not a formal group. Rather, it is a vibrational unity of like-hearted people who want to make a positive, healing difference by radiating vibrations of kindness toward others`s important not to forget...toward ourselves as well.

Below we have provided some links to websites that inspire or offer opportunities to make a difference. If you know of similar links, write to us at and we`ll try to include them for the benefit of others to share.

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We can do no great things, only small things with great love. - Mother Teresa